Pure Syn

January 10, 2017

Pure Syn

Synthetic Nicotine

“Pure Syn” is the re-badge of our juice in Synthetic Nicotine. Allowing a more pure flavor and non tobacco derived product.

The Pure Syn advantage –

– No Carcinogenic or other tobacco combustion substances.
– Highest Purity ever available in the market
– Cleanest and Smoothest Feeling and Sensation
– Same biological impact as TDN (Tobacco-derived Nicotine)
– Flavors are essentially improved, no more harsh or bitter E-liquid taste.
– No foul Nicotine smell and the phenomenon of burning charcoal for atomization is dramatically reduced.

What is synthetic nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine is  new generation of Nicotine without the Tobacco. It is the purest and cleanest Nicotine solution in the market. Made by the combination of Molecular Chemistry and not derived from Tobacco leaf, stem or waste dust. It eliminates the Tobacco impurities which make the Nicotine feel and smell harsher. Now, you can expect essentially tasteless and odorless Nicotine which can help boost your E-liquid flavor  while still providing the same biological impact as Tobacco-derived Nicotine. Indulge in a new experience.

Pure Syn Liquid Accessory does not contain any tobacco derived products. Not a tobacco product. Pure Syn is not responsible for use in electronic cigarettes. Not for use by persons under age of 18. Not for use by pregnant women.